TP Link AC1900 Review : The Best Router for Home and Small Office

TP Link AC1900

TP Link AC1900 router is the best choice for all those looking for a well-featured router that provides them with fast Wi-Fi even in the dead zones of their home or office. It comes with an end number of features to make its users surf the internet without any interruption. TP Link AC1900 is specially designed to perform well for medium to large buildings. Its four Gigabit LAN ports, Beamforming technology, two USB ports, and easy installation, and many other features make it one of the best routers in the market. 

However, it is important to know about all the pros and cons, features of the router before buying it. Therefore, for the users, we have given the specifications and advantages or disadvantages of TP Link AC1900 to help them make the right choice. So, all the users are suggested to read this review until the end to decide whether this router meets their requirements or not.

Features of TP Link AC1900 Router

TP Link AC1900 comes with a wide array of features to ensure that users do not face any issue regarding their internet speed. The best features of this router are listed below:- 

  • It is a long-range wireless router that comes with Beamforming technology. Thus, it concentrates the Wi-Fi signals towards the devices. 
  • It focuses on internet data transmission where it is needed the most. 
  • TP Link AC1900 has dual USB ports, making it convenient to share local files, printers, and media between different devices. 
  • Moreover, USB 3.0 is 10x faster than the conventional USB 2.0 that provides outstanding network performance. 
  • The 1GHz dual-core CPU contributes to the stability and fast speed of the AC1900 router. 
  • Above all, it provides users with an easy-to-use web interface. 
  • Moreover, the best thing about this router is that it is easy to set up. 


  1. It is incredibly affordable. 
  2. TP Link Tether app is available to control and manage the network.
  3. It comes with Beamforming Technology. 
  4. Parental control feature enables the users to prevent or restrict internet access to particular devices. 
  5. TP Link provides 24/7 technical support. 
  6. It has three Dual-Band detachable antennas.
  7. It is IPv6 supported. 
  8. This router comes with a 1GHz Dual-core processor. 


  1.  It does not have e-SATA ports.
  2. The design of AC1900 limits wall mounting. 

Customer Support

TP Link AC1900 is easy to install and set up, but technical gadgets come with some technical glitches. Therefore, if any user faces any issue during the TP Link Extender Setup or installation process, they are suggested to look for the answers in the FAQ section of the official website. Moreover, there are many helpful videos, and how-to guides are also available to help users. 

In addition to this, if the user is still not able to resolve the issues, they are recommended to contact the TP Link customer service team directly. 

Final Verdict

The AC1900 is one of the most unique and latest router model provided by TP Link. It comprises of various brilliant specifications and excellent features that we mentioned in this review. Therefore, all those looking for an affordable router to enjoy lag-free internet surfing must go for TP Link AC1900

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