TP Link Router Login

tp link router login

Different ways to perform tp link router login process

There are three distinct ways through which you can login to your tp link router i.e through Tether application, using the setup page or via the tp link cloud account. Have an overview on the following methods that are explained in this article and follow each and every step closely without missing any single step.

Method 1. Easy To Understand Procedure For tp link router login through Setup Page

  • In the initial stage, you first have to switch on your router. Continuing with this, associate your device with the tp-link router. There are two distinct ways through using which you can form the connection. 
    • You can either form the connection on your own with the help of an Ethernet cable. Insert the Ethernet cables properly within the appropriate ethernet ports of the router as well as your computer or laptop. 
    • Otherwise, link it with the default network name of your router which is TP link extender setup and type in the password for it accurately. 
  • After that, access any of the web browsers according to your usability on your computing device. Ensure that you must utilize the most recent launch web browser so as to avoid the login issues. 
  • The next thing you have to do is to type in the IP address to reach the setup page. Alternatively, you can also utilize the web address which is
  • Once you reach the desired web page after using any one of these web addresses, insert the default login credentials of your router. 
  • Usually the default username is “admin” and password is “password” that you can grab it from the label that is found at the back side of your router.

Note: Just in case, you have changed the default router credentials, then use them for tp link router login.

  • After copying the default credentials carefully within the assigned slots, opt for the Login tab. 
  • Hence, this concludes the tp link router login process through the setup page.

Method 2. Illustrative procedure to setup tp link router using the tp link cloud account

You must have a user account with the tp link cloud account if you are setting up your router via cloud account. Follow the below given steps to establish and login to your tp link cloud account. 

Setup your TP Link Cloud Account 

  • In the initial phase open any of your favorite internet browsers that you usually use and input the URL correctly which is 
  • To register for the very first time, on the main interface look for the Not Registered link. 
  • As a result, it will take you to the account setup window where you have to fill in all the important information that is essential for the sign up process. For this, enter the personal details such as email address, password and then reinsert the same password again into the respective slots. 
  • Presently, tap on the Ok button. 
  • You will receive an email verification mail, open the same and select the Verify tab to confirm your email address. With this, the account setup process completes. 

Steps to login to tp link cloud account 

  • After successfully registering to your tp link cloud account, use the same login details for tp link router login. 
  • Access any of the web browsers that is easily accessible on your computer. Some of the examples of the latest web browsers that you can utilize to reach the login window are Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and so forth. 
  • Reach the official webpage, just by accessing the web address and hit the Enter key. 
  • Following that, write down the username and password using which you have built your tp link cloud account.
  • Moving on to the next and final step is to click on the highlighted red colored Login button. 
  • This completes the entire procedure of tp link router login through the tp link cloud account.

Method 3. Use Tether Application for the tp link router login

  • In the beginning, you first have to install the Tether application on your iOs or Android mobile phones. 
  • Soon after this, generate a strong wi-fi connection between your router and your mobile device. To do so, go to the Settings menu and from there hook up your device with the tp link router’s wireless network. Once you found the name of the network name that you are accessing, click on it and enter the password for it correctly.
  • The next step is to launch the already installed tether application on your mobile phones.
  • You are now supposed to login to your tp-link router with the same credentials that you have set while setting up the account. Otherwise, create a particular account for it and then move further with the tp link router login process.
  • Afterwards, you will get a new page, where you will notice add a device option. Also, you will get the list of routers’ names that are located near your location, opt for your preferred router name. 
  • In the end, you will get a login window where you have to insert the default login credentials of your tp link router. As such, enter the same by copying from the back of your router and click Login and conclude the setup process.