How to contact TP Link Support?

TP Link Support

TP Link is one of the leading and most trustworthy providers of computer networking products. It is known for providing users with networking accessories and devices that help them accomplish their everyday tasks in no time. TP Link products are the first choice of millions of customers all across the world. 

TP Link presents the users with a variety of products, including high-speed Cable Modems, range extenders, wireless routers, mobile phones, IP cameras, print servers, and a lot more. Along with its stable and highly-advanced products, TP Link is also known for its helpful customer support team. Therefore, in this write-up, we have mentioned the different ways through which the users can contact the TP Link support team.  

Ways to Reach the TP Link Support Team

Download Center

All the users can visit the download center of the TP Link support team to resolve the issues they are facing during the software, TP Link Extender Setup or drivers download. So, the users are recommended to go to the official download center of TP Link to download or install the drivers or software easily. Moreover, the users can also contact the TP Link experts to resolve their issues. 

TP Link Community

The users are suggested to contact the TP Link professionals via the TP Link community. The well-experienced team of TP Link helps the users with all types of queries and issues they may encounter while using the TP Link products. Therefore, all the users are advised to contact the TP Link Customer Service team without wasting much time. 

Contact Technical Support

All the users who are looking for an instant solution to their problems related to TP Link products must get in touch with the experts through a contact number. The helpline number of the TP Link Support is active 24/7. Therefore, the users can contact the TP Link technical help via helpline at any time.


The users can also visit the FAQs section of the TP Link Support. Here the users will find the solutions for their queries. Moreover, if the users still don’t find the answers to their questions in the FAQ section, they are advised to contact the TP Link experts. 

Email Support

The users can also contact their support team via Email to get instant help to resolve their issues. It’s one of the most convenient and straightforward ways to contact the support team. Therefore, all the users can contact Email Support to get real-time assistance regarding the TP Link devices problems.


In this write-up, we have mentioned the most convenient and straightforward ways through which the users can contact the TP Link Support team. Therefore, now all the users can resolve their issues regarding any TP Link product. 

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